Customized Express Modes

Fully automated analysis of flow cytometry data 

Reproducibility is an important factor in flow cytometry experiments. It is influenced by biological material, reagents, instrumentation and, last but not least, by the analysis of data acquired. For the latter part, subjectivity by the operator leads to variable results.

MACSQuantify™ Express Modes are software add-ons for our MACSQuant Analyzer family of flow cytometers. They are algorithm-based gating tools that allow for an unbiased and user-independent analysis, resulting in improved reproducibility of flow cytometry data and statistics. Based on real data, analysis and acquisition scripts facilitate automated, application-specific gating on the actual population distribution.

In addition to our standard Express Mode Packages, we offer customized Express Modes tailored to your specific applications. Our Application Development Team can design your very own automated analysis tool for you, customized to your particular assay and your specific requirements.

Discuss the requirements for your automated flow cytometry analysis with us!

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