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Last updated:  June 1, 2021

These Terms govern your registration and participation in a Miltenyi Biotec training course offered and provided by Miltenyi Biotec B.V. & Co. KG and its affiliates (“Miltenyi”) under the brand “Miltenyi University” and shall apply in addition to the Miltenyi Biotec General Terms and Conditions for the Sale of Products and Services or other agreements, if and as agreed between you and Miltenyi Biotec B.V. & Co. KG and/or its respective affiliate (“Miltenyi”).

1.    Product Training Offer

The offer of training courses is available on the webpage Training courses are offered in the following categories:

  • Live Webinars and other online courses
  • Videos
  • Hands-on Trainings at designated training locations or provided remotely
  • Individual Trainings

Miltenyi may add the new categories at its sole discretion which will be shown on the webpage.

Training courses may be offered online or as face-to-face events. Certain training courses, such as live webinars or hands-on training courses, may require a registration with personal log-in. If training courses are offered for a fee this is indicated on the respective training detail webpage. Paid training courses require an additional purchasing process.

Other trainings, such as video tutorials, may be accessible, without any registration or purchasing process, on the training detail webpage for the time period as indicated on the training course detail page.

2.    Registration, Purchasing and Pricing

Certain training courses may require a prior registration of participants on the webpage For the completion of the online registration, please provide the registration details as requested in the registration form.

To participate in paid training courses, in addition to online registration, such participation must be purchased through your local Customer Service. Contact details of your local Customer Service are available on

Prices for paid training courses are either indicated on the training detail webpage or may be requested from your local Customer Service. Any prices listed on the training detail webpage are price quotes and may be subject to change without further notice. Any listed prices are exclusive any value-added or similar taxes which will be charged at appropriate rate. The final price, including any applicable VAT, will be confirmed by your local Customer Service in an order confirmation.

To purchase your participation in a paid training course, you must submit, in addition to the online registration, a purchase order for the training course to your local Customer Service. Once your local Customer Service has confirmed and accepted your purchase order, you will be issued a purchase order number which needs to be filled in the online registration form at time of online registration.

If your participation in a paid training course is part of a contract for the purchase of other products and services offered by Miltenyi, you may use the purchase order number of this contract to complete the online registration. A separate purchase order for the training course is not required. 

Both registration and training course purchase order must be submitted prior to the training course registration deadline, as indicated on the training detail webpage, for participants to be included in the course. 

Once your registration is submitted, Miltenyi will review your eligibility for the selected training course and the completeness of your registration. Once the registration is approved, you will receive a confirmation via email, and a seat is reserved for you.

3.    Access to the Training Course

Prior to the start date of a live training course, you will receive a separate email invitation to the trainings course, including full joining instructions, schedule and training updates and special instructions. Please read these instructions carefully before joining the training course.

Online Courses

Online courses may be offered through online platform and other digital services of third party service providers. For information on the data processing through such online platform and other digital services, please refer to Miltenyi’s Privacy Statement and any additional privacy notices, as posted on the individual training course detail page.

To participate in online courses, system requirements should be met according to the specifications, as provided by Miltenyi via email, on the training detail webpage and/or on linked websites of such third party service providers.

Miltenyi Innovation and Training Center

Face-to-face trainings may be offered in Miltenyi Innovation and Training Centers (“MITC”). Further information on MITCs, including locations and contact details, are available on the Miltenyi University webpage. 

Please note that in your invitation email, you may receive, among other information, special health and safety regulations, applicable for specific MITC. During your participation in the training course, you must comply with all health and safety rules and regulations and any other reasonable security requirements applicable at the premises of a MITC. 

Please note further, that at certain MITCs, for safety purposes, it is not allowed to participate in training courses involving practical laboratory sessions during pregnancy and lactation at specific MITC locations. Therefore, it is recommended to review the health and safety regulations, applicable at the relevant MITC, before submitting a registration for the training course. Please feel free to contact your local MITC Customer Service for further information.

4.    Invoices

If not otherwise agreed, invoices for the training courses will be issued in accordance with Miltenyi Biotec General Terms and Conditions for the Sale of Products and Services.

5.    Cancellation Policy

Course Order Cancellation by Customer

Paid training courses may be cancelled or re-scheduled to the next available date for a full refund until 40 calendar days prior to the start date of the training course. Customers who cancel later than 40 days before the start date shall pay a cancellation fee of 50% of the training fees.

A cancellation later than 14 days before the start date or non-attendance will result in full billing.

Cancellation of training courses where travel costs are included in the purchase order may incur cancellation/change fees in relation to the travel booking should you cancel your attendance after the travel has been booked for you.

Training courses reservations may be transferred, free of charge, to another registrant at any time prior to start. For such transfer, please contact your local Customer Support. 

Course Cancellation or Re-Scheduling by Miltenyi

Miltenyi reserves the right to cancel training courses by notifying registrants with at least twenty-one (21) calendar days’ prior notice, either via e-mail (if available) and/or on the training course detail webpage.

In special or unforeseen circumstances beyond Miltenyi’s reasonable control, including without limitation, acts of war or terrorism, pandemic, breakdowns or malfunctions, interruptions or malfunction of information technologies, loss of data, omissions and acts of governmental bodies, failures of presenters, and other events of force majeure, Miltenyi may, while taking your reasonable interests into account, re-schedule and/or cancel the training courses within a shorter notice period but without undue delay. 

In the event of re-scheduling, Miltenyi will offer participants new dates for the training course. If registrants are not able to participate in the new date or if the training course is cancelled by Miltenyi in total, such registrants will receive a full refund via credit note. Please note that any travel costs that are not part of the purchase order are registrant’s responsibility, and Miltenyi does not accept any liability for reimbursement of such costs.

6.    Training Course Content

Training courses will be performed according to description and schedule, as shown on the training detail webpage and/or as prior communicated to you. Specific content, in particular updated information, as well as location, time and presenter may be subject to change and will be reasonably confirmed prior to start date.

Miltenyi may provide participants with training documentations and information in different format and media. Such information may include, without being limited to documentation, data, presentations, material or other information developed by Miltenyi or Miltenyi’s service providers. If prior communicated by Miltenyi, participants will receive a course certificate after training course completion.

The content of the training course and any provided training material shall collectively be referred to as “Materials”.

While Miltenyi aims to provide the training courses to the highest standards and in accordance with applicable statutory laws and regulations, Miltenyi cannot warrant or assume any liability for (i) the accuracy, reliability or completeness of the Materials, (ii) any reliance by you on such Materials, and/or (iii) the fitness of such Materials for the specific purpose as intended by you. You are therefore fully responsible for your use of the Materials and obliged to ensure that such use is at all time in compliance with applicable laws, guidelines and with any requirements of any competent regulatory authority. 

7.     Intellectual Property  

All intellectual property rights in the Materials are, and remain, the intellectual property of Miltenyi or its licensors, whether adapted, written or customized for you or not.

Subject to these Terms and if not otherwise agreed, Miltenyi grants to you a non-exclusive, limited, non-transferable and revocable license to use the Materials for purposes of your participation in the Training courses and for internal training purposes only. The Material may not be shared with third parties outside of your company.

You are not authorized to:

(i) copy, modify, reproduce, re-publish, sub-license, sell, upload, broadcast, post, transmit or distribute any of the Materials without prior written permission;

(ii) record on video or audio tape, replay by videophone or other means the training course given

(iii) use the Materials in the provision of any other course or training towards third parties, including but not limited to employees, colleagues and other third parties within your Company;

(iv) remove any copyright or other notice of Miltenyi.

8.    Liability

To the extent Miltenyi offers the training courses for free, Miltenyi shall be liable exclusively for intent and gross negligence. In case of paid training courses, Miltenyi’s liability shall be limited in accordance with Miltenyi Biotec General Terms and Conditions for the Sale of Products and Services or other agreements, if and as agreed between you and Miltenyi.

The above limitations of liability do not apply in the event of the assumption of a guarantee by Miltenyi in the event of injury to life, limb or health and in the event of conflicting statutory regulations.

9.    Governing law

If not otherwise agreed with you, in case of paid trainings courses, these Terms shall be agreed between you and the respective Miltenyi affiliate you have completed the purchase process with. Hence, these Terms shall be governed by laws of the country in which the respective Miltenyi affiliate has its place of business.

In case of free trainings course, these Terms shall be agreed between you and Miltenyi Biotec B.V. & Co. KG, and these Terms shall be governed by German laws.

The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the Internal Sale of Goods (CISG) shall explicitly not apply to these Terms.

10.    Contact

If you have any comments or questions relating to these Terms, please contact us at the address below:

Miltenyi B.V. & Co. KG, Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 68, 51429 Bergisch Gladbach, Germany, e-mail:

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