Easy, automated cell isolation for a multi-user lab

  • Highly flexible cell isolation from virtually any starting material
  • Automated magnetic cell isolation for minimal hands-on time
  • One re-usable column fits all applications
The autoMACS Pro Separator is a benchtop instrument for fully automated separation of cells from a broad range of starting materials. Based on our trusted MACS MicroBead Technology, it allows easy and fast cell isolation of virtually any cell type from any species.

Instrument features

Infinite sample options

Start directly from whole blood, PBMCs, or single cell suspensions

The autoMACS Pro Separator is compatible with hundreds of MACS Cell Separation Reagents for easy and fast isolation of virtually any cell type from any species and tissue, such as:
  • Peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs)
  • Whole blood or bone marrow
  • Single-cell suspensions e.g. from dissociated spleens or lymph nodes
  • Other dissociated tissues e.g. tumors

Supporting various applications

By providing maximum flexibility in terms of starting materials, the autoMACS Pro Separator can be used for a variety of applications.
For example, the isolation of CD14+ cells directly from whole blood or bone marrow using StraightFrom™ Whole Blood CD14 MicroBeads, human allows for standardized isolation of monocytes and macrophages. CD14+ cells, isolated with the autoMACS Pro Separator are well-suited for further flow cytometric, molecular or functional analyses, such as proliferation and activation assays.

Find more applications here.

Walk-away automation

Autolabeling of multiple samples

The autoMACS Pro Separator allows automated labeling of cells with magnetic MACS® MicroBeads. The MACS Reagent Rack can accomodate up to four reagent vials. Using the barcode reader, MACS Reagents can be scanned and the instrument automatically selects the appropiate separation program. 

Automated magnetic cell isolation

Cell isolation at the click of a button: After starting the respective separation program, the autoMACS Pro Separator performs walk-away cell isolation including automated startup, cleaning, and shutdown. On top, it allows safe laboratory practices when dealing with hazardous samples

Parallel sample processing: Up to 6 samples can be processed in a single run, while keeping them cooled on a MACS Chill Rack. This saves you time, is reliable, and delivers reproducible results.

Sensor-controlled processes: The autoMACS constantly monitors the instrument status, buffer levels, and column status. This ensures optimal performance and safety of your samples. 

Target cells ready for downstream applications: Cells purified using the autoMACS Pro Separator are well-suited for further flow cytometric analysis, molecular biology studies, and functional studies.

One column fits all

One autoMACS Column for all cell isolation strategies

Threusable autoMACS Column is specifically designed for use with the autoMACS Pro Separator delivering high cell purities and recoveries. Whether performing positive selectiondepletion, or untouched isolations, this column fits all your cell isolation needs. 
Once installedthe columns become part oclosed fluidic system thakeeps you safe whedealing withazardous samples. Monitorinand priming of the column is automatically managed by thinstrument software.
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  • One column suited for all cell isolation strategies and starting materials
  • Can be used for up to 14 days
  • Isolation of up to 2×108 magnetically labeled cells from up to 4×109 nucleated total cells or up to 15 mL of whole blood

Sample cooling

MACS Chill Racks

Maintain the integrity of your valuable samples by keeping your cells at 4° C. MACS® Chill Racks allow up to 6 samples to be processed in a single batch. The flexible format is compatible with 50 mL, 15 mL, or 5 mL tubes.


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autoMACS® Pro Separator –
The gold standard in automated cell separation

Download our brochure and learn more about the autoMACS Pro Separator.

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Autolabeling-compatible MACS® MicroBeads and Isolation Kits on the autoMACS® Pro Separator

Download our list and learn which MACS MicroBeads and Isolation Kits can be used for fully automated cell separation with the autoMACS® Pro Separator. 

The autoMACS Pro Separator is highly time-saving, while providing a fast, reproducible, and cell friendly cell separation. With small modifications, even better purities can be obtained compared to manual separation. 
Experimental Hematology Research Group
Clinic and Policlinic for Pediatrics, University Medical Center Carl Gustav Carus, Dresden
The research group uses their autoMACS Pro Separator for the isolation of human and murine HSCs, T cells, and dendritic cells. They perform both positive and negative selection strategies with important markers such as BDCA2, BDCA4, CD4, CD8, CD11b, CD105 and a lineage-panel. After cell separation, cells are used for in vivo (e.g. transplantation) and in vitro (e.g. co-culture, stimulation, and analysis) experiments. 

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