CD309+ MicroBead Kit,mouse

Improved differentiation of cardiovascular cells from mouse ES cells

Enrichment of CD309+ (Flk-1) cells improves differentiation of mouse ES cells into highly functional cardiovascular cells. Using the CD309 (Flk-1) MicroBead Kit, mouse you can easily isolate cardiovascular progenitors for improved differentiation results. Benefit from:

  • Fast isolation of cardio vascular progenitors
  • Homogeneous cell populations
  • Improved downstream differentiation results
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Improved endothelial differentiation of isolated CD309+ (Flk-1) cells

Unseparated or CD309-enriched cardiovascular progenitor cells were subjected to endothelial differentiation in the presence of 50 ng/mL VEGF. Differentiation efficiency was evaluated by immunofluorescence using CD31-FITC (green) and DAPI counterstain (blue).

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