Instrument service contracts

Benefit from excellent instrument performance and safety of your samples with a comprehensive service contract from Miltenyi Biotec. Our service contracts are an easy way to optimize your instrument-uptime and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Choose the appropriate level of support to fit your needs and budget. 

Our services include

  • Regular maintenance of instruments and repairs, ensuring optimal performance and prevention of unexpected downtimes
  • Customer priority for field service appointments
  • New software releases at hand
  • Timely replacement of wearing parts
  • For MACSQuant® Analyzers: live remote support for instant troubleshooting
  • For clinical products: contracts providing 24/7 technical support hotline globally

Predictable expenses

  • Replacement parts included
  • No unexpected charges – all service costs are fixed in a detailed price plan
  • Price freeze for multiple year service agreements
  • The High-Compliance Service Contract offers coverage of costs of re-qualification of CliniMACS Instruments when necessary

Be on the safe side

Learn more about the available service contracts for your instrument

Components of our service contracts at a glance

Essential Service Contracts are available for all our instruments. High-Compliance Service and Always-On Service Contracts are the recommended choice for clinical workflows.

Type of service contractEssential Essential PremiumEssential High-Throughput High-ComplianceAlways-On
Instrument availabilityAllgentleMACS,
CliniMACS Plus
autoMACS ProCliniMACS Prodigy,
CliniMACS Plus
CliniMACS Prodigy,
CliniMACS Plus
Preventive maintenance incl. replacement parts2xxxxx
Software updatedxxxxx
Unlimited repairs 
(incl. spare parts, labor and travel)
24/7 clinical technical support---xx
Operational Qualifications (OQ)1---x-
Additional services---Loaner deviceAdditional spares

Essential Service Contracts

The Essential Service Contract includes scheduled maintenance visits. Routinely wearing parts are replaced at no charge and spare parts are provided in case of a necessary repair. Service costs such as labor and travel fees related to the maintenance visit are covered.

For certain instruments we also provide the Essential Service Premium and Full Service High-Throughput Contracts (see table below).

Essential Service Premium Contract

In addition to the Essential Service Contract, a loaner instrument will be provided, if your instrument must be taken off-site for repair.

Essential Service High-Throughput Contract

In addition to the above, high-use customers receive additional planned maintenance visits and valve exchange.

High-Compliance Service Contract including Operational Qualification (OQ)1

In addition to the coverage of the Essential Service Contract, the High-Compliance Service Contract offers access to 24/7 technical support helping you maintain the safety of your sample. Further, the contract includes the coverage of operative re-qualification of the covered instrument when necessary. This contract is ideal for facilities with multiple CliniMACS Prodigy® or CliniMACS® Plus Instruments. A High-Compliance Service Contract is the best way to safeguard the GMP-compliance of your procedure and the safety of your samples. 

We provide the necessary official documentation for installation and operational qualifications required to maintain GMP standards.

Always-On Service Contract

In addition to the coverage of the Essential Service Contract, the Always-On Service Contract provides priority access to 24/7 technical support. This contract is designed for clinical facilities operating one or two CliniMACS Plus or a single CliniMACS Prodigy Instrument. 

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