The power of multiplexing in optimized immunoassays for flow cytometry

Miltenyi Biotec offers the power to multiplex your flow cytometry immunoassays any way you want. Superior bead-based technology allows you to profile secreted cytokines, cytotoxicity, exosomes and miRNA. Leverage the predefined panels of the ready-to-use MACSPlex Kits or mix and match MACSPlex Mix singleplex reagents to create the right panel for your experiment. Use either format with Express Modes on a MACSQuant Analyzer to simplify your flow cytometry workflow with predefined experiment settings, acquisition modes, and analysis templates.

Multiplexing as pre-defined or self-defined panels

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Easy isolation. In-depth analysis. 
A closer look at exosomes.

Magnetic isolation and a multiplex bead-based assay allow granular characterization of exosomes.

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