MACS® MicroBeads - magnetic beads for gentle cell isolation

Outstanding cell separation techniques with kits that feature MACS® MicroBead Technology, tailored to fit your target cell separation needs. Our kits have a unique combination of nano-sized MACS MicroBeads with a high magnetic gradient in our MACS Columns enables gentle cell isolation techniques with minimal labeling. MACS MicroBeads are the smallest beads available on the market. They are non-toxic, biodegradable, and compatible with all downstream applications from basic research to clinical.

Get to know MACS® MicroBead Technology 

Watch this short video on how to isolate cells in three easy steps. See how easy it is to obtain highly pure target cells with minimal equipment using MACS MicroBead Technology. 

Find more in-depth information on the MACS MicroBead Technology and its advantages

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