Other media

Cell culture media for T cells, DCs, neural cells, and tumor cells

  • Specialty media for primary cells and protein production
  • Serum-free formulations for reliable cell growth and consistent performance
  • Ready-to-use media optimized for efficient monocyte-derived DC generation

MACS® Media are high-quality media for consistent cell culture in stem and tumor cell research, neuroscience, and immunology. Choose from a broad portfolio including media supplements for neural cells and differentiation or maturation media for dendritic cell (DC) culture. Serum-free cell culture media, like TexMACS™ Medium for T cell expansion, are available from research to MACS GMP Grade to support your translational research. 

Miltenyi Biotec offers premium-quality media for convenient culture and efficient expansion of different immune cells, such as DCs and T cells. Focus on your experiments and leave costly and time-consuming testing of individual cytokines or sera to us – consistent performance guaranteed with every lot.

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