Customized antibody panels for MACSima™ Ultra High Content Imaging – tailored to your experiment

  • Flexibly designed antibody panels containing MICS-validated antibodies
  • Ready to use with dried antibodies on REAscreen Design plates
  • Maximum reproducibility by standardized replicate plates

REAscreen Design provides ready-to-use 96-well plates containing a user-defined panel of dried fluorochrome-conjugated antibodies. In combination with the MACSima Imaging Platform, REAscreen Design enables convenient, standardized ultra high content imaging.


REAscreen™ Design: user-defined panel configuration

REAscreen Design stands for highest convenience, flexibility, and reproducibility in your MICS (MACSima Imaging Cyclic Staining) experiments. Simply choose the required antibodies from our extensive portfolio of MICS-validated antibodies to configure the panel tailored to your specific needs. 

Receive the ready-to-use plates with dried antibodies delivering a high level of standardization. Benefit from your desired number of identical replicate reagent plates to minimize the variation between experiments and eliminate the need of error-prone manual pipetting.


Highlights of REAscreen Design Antibody Panels

Flexible choice from our vast portfolio of MICS-validated antibodies 

Use our extensive and continuously growing REAscreen Design Antibody Portfolio to design your panel based on MICS-validated antibodies. These fluorochrome-conjugated antibodies are tested for compatibility with either FFPE-, PFA-, or acetone-fixed samples of human or mouse origin, offering great flexibility for your MICS experiment. Our REAdye_lease™, REAlease®, and REAfinity™ Antibodies provide lot-to-lot consistency and ensure specific staining and reliable analysis due to proprietary recombinant antibody technologies. REAscreen Design Antibody Panel Plates are compatible with different MACSwell™ Sample Carriers, for example, MACSwell Two Imaging Frames, MACSwell Four Imaging Frames, and MACSwell 24 Imaging Plates depending on your desired sample size. 

The REAscreen Design format enables flexible panel configuration with regard to the number of markers per panel and the number of replicate plates. Therefore, it is the format of choice for standardized antibody panels at all scales, no matter if you want to have a large stock of your 30-marker panel or a few replicates of your 100-marker panel for a defined number of samples.

Ready-to-use plates and automation for utmost convenience and reliability

REAscreen Design Antibody Panel Plates are ready to use and can be handled in an easy plug-and-play manner. Simply remove the sealed plate from the protecting aluminum pouch, mount it on the instrument, and start your experiment. The MACSima Imaging System not only conducts your MICS experiment in a fully automated manner. Prior to the imaging experiment, it also safely and fully automatically solubilizes and processes the dried antibody conjugates. 

In addition to the customized antibody panel plates, the REAscreen Design package also includes the software file designed to support the specific panel configuration as well as support reagents and comprehensive documentation. REAscreen Design and the MACSima Imaging System were developed with the user in mind: Minimal hands-on time and automated, standardized reagent handling ensure maximum convenience and reliable results.

Staining performance of manually prepared single liquid reagents and the same panel in the REAscreen Design format

Consistent results with dried fluorochrome-conjugated antibodies 

To safeguard the user-defined panel configuration, we provide the fluorochrome-conjugated antibodies in a protected dried format, in sealed 96-well plates. This not only adds convenience to reagent handling, but also protects the conjugates and maintains them in an optimal format for automated processing. The comparison of antibody performance between manually pipetted reagents and the convenient REAscreen Antibody Panel Plates in a MICS experiment shows minimal variation (R²=0.96). In addition, replicate reagent plates add tremendously to the reproducibility across multiple experiments for your perfect peace of mind.


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