See everything: antibody conjugates made for MICS

  • Validated antibody conjugates for MICS technology
  • Targeting more than 400 markers
  • Lot-consistent and reproducible recombinant antibody technologies

Browse through the world’s largest portfolio of ultra high content imaging antibodies to assemble your personal panel for in-depth analyses of your samples using the MACSima™ Imaging Platform. 

Ultra high content imaging antibodies

These ready-to-use fluorochrome-conjugated antibodies are specifically validated for our proprietary MICS technology on either formalin-fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) tissues, fresh frozen tissues, or cells fixed with PFA or acetone of either human or mouse origin. 

Our latest sophisticated recombinant antibody technologies, such as REAdye_lease™, REAlease® and REAfinity™ Antibodies, are tailored for MICS and will bring unprecedented levels of reproducibility to your ultra high content analyses.

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