CliniMACS® Formulation Unit 

Automated sampling, final formulation, and filling

The CliniMACS Formulation Unit expands your processing capabilities of the CliniMACS Prodigy® Platform to include automated sampling of cells and automated and closed formulation to deliver fresh or frozen final cell products. 

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Expands automation to include sampling and fresh or frozen final product formulation

Closed system

Integrated tubing set closes the process from starting material to final formulated cell product


Protocols can be run on any number of CliniMACS Prodigy Instruments for easy scale out


Our Customized Application Service team helps you to develop tailor-made solutions



ModelCliniMACS Formulation Unit (REF 170-075-703)
DimensionsWidth: 62.4 cm housing 
Depth: 9 cm housing (without mounting guide) 
Height: 8.5 cm housing (without valves)
WeightApprox. 9 kg
Emission sound pressure level<79 dB(A)
Input voltage24 V~ (supplied by CliniMACS Prodigy)
Manufacture and availabilityManufactured in Germany and shipped worldwide
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The CliniMACS Formulation Set is the associated tubing set for the CliniMACS Formulation Unit. It's a single-use, biocompatible tubing module that is connected to the CliniMACS Prodigy Tubing Set. It allows for automated sampling and contains eight EVA product bags, ready for both fresh or frozen product strategies.



Customized Application Service

The CliniMACS Formulation Unit can be integrated into any of your processes on the CliniMACS Prodigy. Our Customized Application Service Team is ready to develop tailor-made, automated, and GMP-compliant solutions for your final cell product. 

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Software controlled formulation

  • The CliniMACS Formulation Unit is fully programmable and controlled by the CliniMACS Prodigy
  • Customized Applications Services are available to create programs specific to your process
  • Pre-programmed verified applications featuring formulation are being developed and will be available soon
  • Comparable, standardized results, and multi-instrument alignment for scaling out of manufacturing
  • Log reports of processes


Support at your fingertips

  • CliniMACS technical support for real-time assistance from our experts
  • Technical and field application support for application design
  • Comprehensive service options provided by our globally distributed field service teams
  • Your CliniMACS Formulation Unit is covered by your CliniMACS Prodigy Service Contracts. Contact your local instrument service support team for more information.

CliniMACS Formulation Unit

Automated sampling, final formulation, and filling
 Order no. 170-075-703  

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