Raw or ancillary materials for GMP-compliant cell manufacturing

The quality of raw or ancillary materials strongly influences the cell processing conditions and therefore the quality of your final cell product.

At Miltenyi Biotec we have over 14 years of experience in the development of MACS® GMP Products. Extensive QC-tests, according to the processes laid down in an ISO 13485 compliant QM-system, ensure robust and reliable product quality, safety and efficacy. This experience helps us to meet the demands laid down by regulatory authorities for the manufacture of fluorescent antibodies, antigens, cell culture bags, cell culture media, and cytokines to be used as high quality raw materials.  

As part of our CliniMACS® Cell Manufacturing Platform, all products of the MACS GMP Portfolio are optimized for the use on our CliniMACS Instruments.

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MACS® GMP Portfolio

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Invest in your clinical research by using our GMP products from the very beginning. A seamless transition between basic and clinical research avoids revalidation and saves time. 

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