Mighty things from small beginnings grow

Mighty things from small beginnings grow

The Reproducibility Crisis has made it clear that the key to meaningful research results, those that will last for generations, lies in choosing the right antibody material. Therefore analyzing precious samples with the right set of antibody-fluorochrome conjugates that will ensure reproducible results can make all the difference.  

Our flow cytometry experts can support you in optimizing your existing antibody panels to make sure you work with the very best configuration for your application of interest. Give your research the best possible start! 

What do you need to do to ensure your results are bullet-proof? 

Step 1: Fill out the contact form below.

Step 2: Our flow cytometry application specialists will get in touch with you to discuss your needs.

Step 3: Wait to receive your free upgraded panel, with antigen and fluorochrome combinations chosen specifically for your instrument and samples.

Prefer to work with pre-tested panels ? Our ever-growing collection has been developed and validated not only by Miltenyi Biotec’s R&D experts, but by customers like you. 

Very responsive and flexible service as the set-up of panels takes into account antibodies you already have. You are also guided on the best combination of fluorochromes and markers in order to have the cleanest staining.
Marion Dajon
PhD, Evotec

Discuss your current antibody panel set-up  with our local experts and receive a free panel upgrade.

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