Cell and nuclei preparation for genomics

The reliability of genomic analyses, such as single-cell gene expression, can be greatly increased by improving the quality of the starting material. Regardless of the type of cellular samples you work with, we provide gentle and automated techniques for the optimal preparation of cells and nuclei prior to your genomic analysis.

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Workflow steps for the preparation of cells and nuclei for genomic analysis

The optimal preparation of cells and nuclei prior to genomic analysis is essential to obtain high quality and reliable results, especially for single-cell and single-nuclei sequencing. For these type of analyses it is important to work fast, and apply gentle methods to prepare the cells or nuclei.  
Our workflow solutions allow for the storage of solid tissues and dissociation into single-cell or single-nuclei suspensions, the cleanup of cell suspensions to remove unwanted material, as well as isolation of target cells and quality control to ensure you reach the right standards prior your genomic analysis. 

Workflow for preparation of cells and nuclei for genomic analysis

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