Automated analysis powering consistency in your flow cytometry readouts

Customized Express Modes – the bespoke solution for flow data handling

The Express Modes are algorithm-based analysis tools to standardize and expand the capabilities of the MACSQuant® Analyzer Family of flow cytometers. The menu of readily available Express Modes (Included and Add-on) continually grows to accommodate today’s flow cytometry demands. For those user-specific workflows which may require dedicated features, parameters, or settings, Customized Express Modes are the ideal fit. 

Customized Express Modes are developed by a team of experts to fit to your workflow and optimally fulfill individual flow cytometry analysis requirements such as:

  • Automated acquisitions and analysis
  • Customized statistics tables
  • Report file in format of choice

Customized Express Modes standardize your flow cytometry analytics to generate reliable, reproducible, and user-independent results.


Features of Express Modes for MACSQuant Analyzers

Compare the three forms of Express Modes in the table below. Check here to see if your MACSQuant Analyzer already includes an Express Mode to meet your needs or  if an Add-on Express Mode is the right fit here. 

Data processing capability

Included Express Modes

Add-on Express Modes
(purchasable on demand)

Customized Express Modes
(bespoke: adapted or new development)

Automatic gating adaptation to each sampleXXX
Preset experimental conditions (e.g., uptake volume, mixing speed)XXX
Automatic gating adjustment to reference material (e.g., controls, rainbow beads)Product-dependentProduct-dependentX
Automated sample comparison (e.g., fold-change in fluorescence compared to control)Product-dependentProduct-dependentX
Calculation of application-specific statisticsXXX
Tracked modifications to gate coordinates made by users-Product-dependentX

Unique features and capabilities of Customized Express Modes

Data export formatProduct-dependentProduct-dependentCustomizable
Implementation of customer-defined gating strategy (adapted or new)--X
Calculation of customer-defined statistics (adapted or new)--X
Seamless data flow to customer specific remote systems (e.g., file servers or LIMS)--X
Reports on sample outliers and errors--X
Import of experiment setting (CSV sheets)--X
Development documentation included--X

How it works

1. Interview & consultation

  • We collaborate to define user requirements based on your existing workflow

2. Process specification & alignment

  • We translate the requirements into a Process Specification document
  • You review and approve the Process Specification

3. Customized Express Mode development

  • We develop the Customized Express Mode based on the Process Specification document
  • We provide on-site installation, training and a user manual
  • Minor changes to the Customized Express Mode can be implemented free of charge within three months of installation

Experience the MACSQuant difference

MACSQuant Analyzers perform multisample and multiparameter flow cytometry and feature software automation with included and add-on Express Mode tools.


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