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Our powerful benchtop flow cytometersthe MACSQuant® Analyzer 10, MACSQuant Analyzer 16, MACSQuant X,and MACSQuant VYBoffer exclusive features to support a diverse range of applicationsUnique software functionality, like automated calibration and compensationstandardized and automated data analysis, and the MACSQuantify 21 CFR Part 11 option, enhance your research. Take advantage of sample auto-labelling and automated multisampling of up to 384-well plates for a hassle-free and streamlined daily workflow. What’s more, with our comprehensive service contracts and broad selection of training and tutorial options, you can be sure to get the most out of your instrument. 

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Reliable data at the push of a button – features of MACSQuant Analyzers for convenient flow cytometry

Express modes are unique features of the MACSQuantify™ Software. These standardized data analysis tools are optimized to automate flow cytometric measurements and analyses via predefined experiment settings, acquisitions, and automated gating.

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Immunophenotyping: highly multiplexed panels to identify cells

Characterization of 18 immune cell subsets in human bood using a 13-color panel.

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