ILC2 Isolation Kit, human

ILC2 Isolation Kit, human

The innate lymphoid cells (ILCs) family comprise a group of newly discovered cytokine-secreting cells with lymphoid morphology that lack rearranged antigen-specific receptors. ILCs play an important role in many immune processes, including control of infections, inflammation, and tissue repair. ILCs are divided into three groups, ILC1, ILC2, and ILC3. ILC2 are critical for the initiation of anti-helminthic and allergic immune responses producing high levels of Tʜ2 cytokines IL-5 and IL-13.

Background information

Human type 2 innate lymphoid cells (ILC2) are defined as lineage (CD2, CD3, CD14, CD16, CD19, CD56, CD235a, CD123)-negative and (CD127, CD161, CRTH2)-positive lymphocytes.
Using the ILC2 Isolation Kit, human type 2 innate lymphoid cells are pre-enriched in a first step by depletion of lineage-positive cells, to facilitate the enrichment of highly pure target cells through subsequent enrichment using CD294 (CRTH2)-PE and Anti-PE MicroBeads.

Downstream applications

Human type 2 innate lymphoid cells (ILC2) isolated from human peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) can be used for further phenotypical or functional characterization.
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