Epitope tag antibodies

Immuno-labeling of proteins enables powerful qualitative and quantitative analysis via flow cytometry, ELISA, Western Blot or Microscopy. Where specific antibodies against proteins of interest are not available, for example newly discovered proteins, epitope tags offer a great workaround.  

An epitope tag is a biological structure or sequence, such as a protein or carbohydrate, which acts as an antigen that is recognized by an antibody. In epitope tagging, a known epitope is fused to a recombinant protein using genetic engineering. Tags such as His, c-myc, HA, and DYKDDDDK can be used for flow cytometry, protein purification, and pull-down/immunoprecipitation experiments.Fluorescent tags meanwhile, such as GFP, can help in cell tracking and cellular localization experiments. 

Our recombinant antibodies against epitope tags provide high lot-to-lot consistency and background free analysis for all key cell analysis and screening applications.  

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