CAR T Cell Analysis User Training

CAR T Cell Analysis User Training

About the training

This two-day training at the Miltenyi Biotec training facility is composed of theoretical and practical sections. It includes training documentation, usage of laboratory equipment and reagents, as well as hotel accommodation. A certificate is issued after successful completion of an exam.

Chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cell therapy is one of the major new developments in cancer therapy, documented by recent successes of CAR T cell therapy in fighting hematologic malignancies. The great potential of genetically modified T cells targeting diseased cells now even expands into the area of solid tumors and infectious diseases. In the manufacturing process of engineered T cells, the flow cytometric analysis of the final CAR T cell product is an essential step that ensures quality requirements.

This course provides hands-on experience for detecting and analyzing CAR T cell products using CAR T Cell Express Modes on the MACSQuant® Analyzer. Express Modes are standardized data analysis tools that are optimized to automate flow cytometric measurements and analyses via predefined experiment settings, acquisition, and automated gating. The CAR T cell analysis training covers all instrument setup and basic handling steps needed to successfully operate CAR T Cell Express Modes on the MACSQuant Analyzer. This training is designed for users*, who will perform CAR T cell analysis only on a MACSQuant Analyzer.

Course lectures, exercises, and lab parts include:

  • Introduction of MACSQuant Analyzer instruments
  • Compensation and calibration
  • Introduction of CAR T Cell Express Modes
  • Features of the 21CRFPart11-compliant MACSQuantify™ Software
  • Sample preparation, data acquisition, and analysis using CAR T Cell Express Modes
  • Basic troubleshooting

This Essential Training helps you to become an expert and tap the full potential of your MACSQuant Analyzer 10, 16, VYB, X and its applications. The training follows a certified training plan and is conducted by certified instructors at our Miltenyi Innovation and Training Centers (MITC). We strongly recommend this training to any key user of the MACSQuant Analyzer 10, 16, VYB, X.

*Potential MACSQuant Analyzer key users, who will utilize the instrument for additional assays and flow experiments, are recommended to attend the MACSQuant Analyzer User Training before attending this specific CAR T cell analysis training.

Learning objectives

  • Understanding the principles of CAR T Cell Express Modes
  • Designing, performing, and analyzing a multiparameter flow cytometry experiment using CAR T Cell Express Modes

Training locations and dates

CAR T Cell Analysis User Training

Thursday, March 17th, 2022 09:00 am - Friday, March 18th, 2022 05:00 pm GMT

UK > Surrey > H.Almac / Ground floor, Suite 6 - Hodgkin

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