Specifications for REAscreen™ MAX Kits, mouse, PFA


REAscreen MAX Kit, mouse, PFA is a pre-defined and ready-to-use antibody panel. It is designed to analyze the maximum number of markers on mouse samples fixed with paraformaldehyde (PFA) using MACS
Antibodies on the MACSima™ Imaging Platform with proprietary MICS technology. The kit offers an array of MICS-validated, pre-titrated, high quality antibodies for convenient ultra high content screening in a truly non-biased and standardized fashion. Each REAscreen MAX Kit includes an associated MACSima Stain Support Kit, which contains additional support reagents required for a MICS experiment.

Detailed product information

The panel of the most recent "version 01" contains 91 dried fluorochrome-conjugated antibodies that have been specifically validated for MICS on PFA-fixed mouse samples and arrayed onto one 96-well plates. The list of antibodies in each kit can be found in the respective panel composition under the tab "Resources".

Resources for REAscreen™ MAX Kits, mouse, PFA

Documents and Protocols

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