Magnetic cell isolation at a glance

  • Flexible cell isolation options for your specific needs
  • Column-based MACS Technology using nano-sized beads
  • Column-free technologies using micro-sized beads

MACS Technology using nano-sized MicroBeads

Benefit from our column-based technology using nano-sized beads for positive cell selection or cell depletion from any starting material, including peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs), whole blood, bone marrow, leukopak, and buffy coat. 

Minimal labeling preserves cellular integrity and characteristics.
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Flexible and gentle cell isolation method
MACS Column-based technology owes its longstanding success to the combination of superparamagnetic nano-sized beads and a very high magnetic gradient in our MACS Columns. This combination allows for minimal labeling of target cells and therefore preservation of cell integrity and characteristics. MACS MicroBeads are biodegradable and compatible with all downstream applications, including cell sorting, flow analysis, cell culture, functional assays and molecular analysis.

MACS Technology minimizes epitope blocking and cell activation.
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Positive selection with MACS Technology minimizes unwanted effects on target cells
The high magnetic gradient generated by the matrix in the MACS Column allows for minimal labeling of target cells with nano-sized MicroBeads. This ensures that plenty of surface epitopes remain free for subsequent fluorescent staining and flow cytometry analysis.

Depletion with MACS Technology ensures isolation of truly untouched target cells.
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Depletion of unwanted cells with MACS Technology: the only method to isolate truly untouched cells
Depletion of unwanted cells with MACS MicroBead Technology is an elegant way to obtain pure untouched target cells. Minimal labeling of  unwanted cells with MACS MicroBeads avoids non-specific labeling of target cells, leaving target cells truly untouched. In contrast, column-free methods using nano-sized beads require high concentrations of labeling reagents thus risking non-specific labeling of the target cell fraction.

MACSxpress® Technology

  • Isolated cells from whole blood within 20 minutes
  • No density gradient centrifugation required
  • High reproducibility due to minimal sample handling
Basic principle of MACSxpress Technology
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MACSxpress Technology has been developed for fast isolation of cells directly from whole blood without centrifugation. Unwanted cells are removed by immunomagnetic depletion using micro-sized MACSxpress Beads, while erythrocytes are sedimented to obtain exceptional purities of target cell populations. Minimal labeling of unwanted cells prevents unspecific labeling and activation of your cells of interest.


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MACS Cell Separation

Download our MACS Cell Separation brochure and learn more about MACS Technology cell isolation solutions.

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