Automated clinical-scale 
cell enrichment or depletion

The CliniMACS® Plus System automates cell separation for clinical-scale enrichment of target cells or depletion of unwanted cells from blood products. Cell separation occurs in a functionally closed and sterile system. A single-use tubing set with its integrated separation column enables the instrument to separate target cells from unwanted cells and collect the fractions in different bags. 

Clinical-scale separations are available for a variety of cells, including hematopoietic stem cells, monocytes, DCs, NK cells, B cells, and T cell subsets. Applications are available to support therapeutic developments in the fields of regenerative medicine, adoptive immunotherapy, and graft engineering. 

Optimized protocols for automated cell enrichment and depletion combine reproducibility with ease of use. Resulting in high cell purity and excellent yield.

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The CliniMACS® Plus System

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A wide variety of cell enrichment or depletion applications are available for the CliniMACS Plus System.

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