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Phenotyping or enrichment of dendritic cells (DCs), monocytes and macrophages based on surface markers can prove complex due to the fact that they share similar markers. Moreover, it is often necessary to obtain these myeloid cells from non-lymphoid tissues, in which sample preparation can be challenging. 

At Miltenyi Biotec we provide broad solutions for DC, monocyte and macrophage applications, from basic and translational research. Our portfolio include optimized cell separation products, effective tissue dissociation kits, and highly specific antibodies ensuring reliable and highly reproducible results. 

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Antigen-specific restimulation of CD8+ T cells 
by cross-presenting dendritic cells

See the application note about high-quality automated cell isolation, as well as consistent cell culture and stimulation conditions for  co-cultures of crosspresenting DCs (XP-DCs) and CD8+ T cells  

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