T cell suppression assays

Because of their suppressive abilities on T cells, macrophages and myeloid-derived suppressor cells, as well as regulatory T cells (Tregs) are considered promising therapeutic targets. In order to develop effective immunomodulatory therapeutics for complex diseases, such as cancer or autoimmune disorders, T cell suppression assays are required to assess whether a potential new treatment will inhibit or promote T cell responsiveness upon interaction with key regulatory cells.

Comparison of secreted IFNγ and of CD4 T cell proliferation treated and untreated with M1 or M2 macrophages

In this study by Janss et al., from ImmunXperts, a macrophage suppression assay was used to confirm the efficacy and potency of test compounds on the suppressive capacities of the macrophages on T cells. When comparing secretions of IFNγ and proliferation of CD4 T cells among untreated CD4 T cells alone, untreated CD4 T cells + M1 macrophage and CD4 T cells + M2 macrophages treated with different conditions highlights the suitability of our workflow solutions for a macrophage suppression assay for drug testing.

Application note
A complete macrophage suppression assay workflow making exclusive use of Miltenyi Biotec products

Thibaut Janss, Juliette Lamy, Sofie Pattijn, and Jana Schockaert

ImmunXperts SA, Rue Auguste Piccard 48, 6041 Gosselies, Belgium

Understanding how in vitro macrophage assays drive IO development forward

TAMs and the TME: Learn how preclinical in vitro techniques help predict the effect of immunotherapeutics in vivo.

Percentage of CFSE proliferating cells after co-culture

In this example study, the T reg suppression assay was used to assess the suppressive capacity of T regs on T cells upon treatment with three novel test compounds to assess their immunomodulatory potency. The resulting CFSE proliferating cell percentages allowed for a clear understanding on the action of the test compounds. 

Application note
In vitro human regulatory T cell suppression assay

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