ImmunePredict – predict effectiveness of immune-checkpoint inhibitors

ImmunePredict project goal

Recently, impressive progress in treatment of solid tumors could be achieved by use of checkpoint inhibitors. However, still many patients relapse after checkpoint inhibitor therapy and the challenge remains to predict which patient will benefit best from which drug. This question will be addressed in ImmunePredict: We will develop novel tools to predict the optimal treatment strategy for each individual cancer patient. 

How will we get there?

The research consortium ImmunePredict combines essential cutting-edge technologies to collect and process a multitude of genomic and proteomic information in parallel: a novel imaging platform named “Multidimensional In-Situ Cytometry Survey“ (MICS), together with a comprehensive molecular characterization of tumors and advanced digital image analysis algorithms will be related to the individual patient’s actual response to immune-checkpoint-inhibitor-therapy.


Partners in collaboration

The University of Cologne as coordinator, the University of Applied Sciences Hamm-Lippstadt and Miltenyi Biotec 
Funded by the European Regional Development Fund North Rhine Westfalia, LS-2-1-002b 

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