Meet us online at the CIMT Annual Meeting

Meet us online at the CIMT Annual Meeting

May 10–12, 2021

Join our Industry Seminar and learn more about our solutions for clinical-grade CAR T and CAR NK cell manufacturing 


We cordially invite you to attend our Industry Seminar “Solutions for GMP cell therapy manufacturing of CAR T and CAR NK cells” at the 18th CIMT Annual Meeting. The seminar will discuss the importance of a seamless translation from early development towards clinical phases. Moreover, we will expose current challenges and solutions for GMP-compliant CAR T and CAR NK cell manufacturing.
Tune into this virtual seminar to learn more about standarization and protocol optimization strategies for related in-process control (IPC) and quality control (QC) assays.

Industry Seminar

Solutions for GMP cell therapy manufacturing of CAR T and CAR NK cells

In the presentation we will discuss: 

• how to successfully translate  NK and T cell research workflows into clinical applications 
• current challenges around manufacturing of gene-engineered NK and T cells and possible solutions 
• optimization strategies for IPC and QC flow assays in the context of engineered cell products 

Wednesday, May 12,  2021
12:00–12:30 p.m. CET

Presenter: Melanie Rietenbach, Ph.D.

Global Product Manager, Miltenyi Biotec

Melanie Rietenbach is Global Product Manager for the clinical engineered cells portfolio including CAR T and CAR NK cells at Miltenyi Biotec. During the past year, she has been working together with the R&D and Clinical Development Team in order to advance the development of tools to enable CAR T and CAR NK cell immunotherapy. Before that, Melanie already supported Miltenyi Biotec in her role as Application Development Specialist and Clinical Product Specialist for more 

than three years. During that time, she was responsible for technical support and application training on Miltenyi Biotec’s clinical product portfolio with  focus on cell and gene therapy applications and related products. Prior to joining Miltenyi Biotec, Melanie obtained her Ph.D. at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg (DFG- fellowship) analyzing the role of autophagy in the cells of the immune system. 

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