HIV Isolation Kit

HIV Isolation Kit

The µMACS and MultiMACS VitalVirus HIV Isolation Kits have been developed for rapid isolation of viable and infectious HIV-1 from samples, i.e., plasma, serum, or cerebral spinal fluid, cervical lavage, or breast milk. Once isolated, the HIV Infectivity Enhancement Reagent enables the efficient and rapid propagation of HIV isolates in PBMC or hematopoietic cell lines.

Background information

The envelope of human immunodeficiency virus 1 (HIV-1) contains besides virus-encoded proteins also host cell proteins
. It has been shown that CD44 is the most effective host cell marker for the general labeling and capturing of HIV-1 from patient samples and culture-derived virus, independent of the origin of the virus (lymphoid or myeloid cells)
. The μMACS and MultiMACS VitalVirus HIV Isolation Kits contain MicroBeads coupled to a monoclonal antibody, which specifically binds to the CD44H isoform for magnetic labeling and further isolation of HIV virions.

Detailed procedure

HIV-1 virions in the sample are magnetically labeled with CD44 MicroBeads. The sample is loaded onto a µ Column placed in the magnetic field of the µMACS Separator. After washing, the magnetically labeled HIV-1 virions are retained on the column while proteins, antibodies, and other sample components were removed from the sample. The µ Column is removed from the µMACS Separator and viable virions are eluted by applying medium to the column. Alternatively, virions can be lysed directly on-column for further analysis, for example, viral load determination.


The μMACS and MultiMACS VitalVirus HIV Isolation Kits facilitate the enrichment and detection of HIV-1 for viral load determination or the quantification of HIV-1. Enriched HIV-1 can be used for neutralization studies or the development of primary isolates. The enrichment of infectious HIV-1 can also be carried out in the presence of neutralizing antibodies or HIV serum inhibitors. Moreover, the isolated virus can be subjected to drug resistance phenotyping and direct genotyping via RT-PCR
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