µMACS and MultiMACS Streptavidin Kits

µMACS and MultiMACS Streptavidin Kits

The µMACS and MultiMACS Streptavidin Kits facilitate the isolation of biotinylated molecules and their interaction partners. The super-paramagnetic µMACS MicroBeads included in the kits are conjugated to streptavidin thus enabling fast and effective binding of biotinylated molecules. The isolation of target molecules can be performed within 15 minutes. No centrifugation or buffer removal steps are required.

Detailed procedure

Biotinylated molecules in a sample are magnetically labeled with µMACS Streptavidin MicroBeads. The sample is loaded onto a MACS Column placed in the magnetic field of the µMACS Separator. After washing, the magnetically labeled biotinylated molecules and associated proteins or nucleic acids, are retained on the column. Depending on the downstream application, target molecules can be eluted using the appropriate elution buffer. For the elution of biotinylated molecules the column is removed from the separator before the appropriate elution buffer is applied.


The µMACS and MultiMACS Streptavidin Kits facilitate direct isolation of nucleic acids using biotinylated nucleic acid probes. Moreover, they can be used for the isolation of DNA- and RNA-binding proteins, ligand receptor complexes, organelles, or viruses.

Downstream applications

The immuno-captured proteins, protein complexes, or organelles can be analyzed by SDS-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and Western blot or conventional gel staining techniques. Nucleic acids can be further processed by standard nucleic acid purification methods followed by RT-PCR or PCR, respectively.
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