Mitochondria Extraction Kit - Tissue

Mitochondria Extraction Kit - Tissue

The Mitochondria Extraction Kit - Tissue is designed to accelerate and simplify the isolation of mitochondria from human and mouse tissue. The kit has been developed for use with the gentleMACS Dissociators. The resulting tissue homogenates provide the ideal basis for subsequent magnetic labeling and isolation of intact, functional mitochondria at high yield.

Background information

The Mitochondria Extraction Kit - Tissue allows the preparation of homogenates from the most common tissue types, e.g., muscle, heart, liver, brain, or kidney. The kit works in combination with gentleMACS Dissociators and integrates tissue homogenization and cell lysis in a single step. The tissue homogenates can be further processed with the Mitochondria Isolation Kit, human, or Mitochondria Isolation Kit, mouse tissue.

Downstream applications

Isolated mitochondria can be further analyzed by Western blots
or functional assays, including measurement of O
consumption, membrane potential, ATP
, or respiratory control
. Isolated mitochondria are well suited for mitochondrial RNA expression profiling
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