Multi-8 and Multi-96 Filters

Multi-8 Filters and Multi-96 Filters facilitate sample preparation for molecule isolation with MultiMACS M96 Separators. The use of Multi-8 or Multi-96 Filters prior to applying cell or tissue lysates onto Multi-8 or Multi-96 Columns helps to enable undisturbed molecule isolation and to avoid cross-contamination. Their use prevents clogging of Multi-8 and Multi-96 Columns when working with difficult material or large sample amounts.

Background information

Multi-8 Filters enable the flexible use of one or multiple filter strips per isolation. Up to six Multi-8 Filters can be placed simultaneously into the reusable Multi-8 Filter Frame. Multi-96 Filters are used for filtration of 96 lysates in parallel. Their use does not require a filter frame.
Multi-8 Filters and Multi-96 Filters are optimized for fast gravity flow to remove larger particles (approximately 40 µm). The gravity-flow usage and the microtiter plate format allows for easy integration into the workflow of a liquid handling system. Filtering with Multi-8 or Multi-96 Filters can be performed in one step with magnetic isolation by placing the filters on top of Multi-8 or Multi-96 Columns. Alternatively, the filters can be placed onto a Deep Well Block to filter and collect the lysate before applying it onto the Multi-8 or Multi-96 Column.


The use of Multi-8 or Multi-96 Filters is recommended for the isolation of mRNA from tissue and large cell amounts in combination with the MultiMACS mRNA Isolation Kit and a MultiMACS M96 Separator or MultiMACS M96thermo Separator. For information on the maximal sample amounts that can be loaded on the Multi-8 Filter or Multi-96 Filter, refer to the MultiMACS mRNA Isolation Kit datasheet.
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Multi-8 Filters

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Multi-96 Filters

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