Endotoxin Removal Beads

Endotoxin Removal Beads

Endotoxin Removal Beads represent the ideal tool for fast and easy removal of endotoxin and DNA from purified protein preparations.
Preparations of recombinant proteins are often contaminated with endotoxins (lipopolysaccharides, LPS) and DNA from host bacteria. Bacterial endotoxins and DNA show strong biological effects in many mammals as well as in cell cultures. If purified recombinant proteins are used for
in vivo
in vitro
assays, efficient removal of endotoxins and bacterial DNA is required to avoid non-specific detrimental effects.
The covalently bound polycationic moiety of the Endotoxin Removal Beads shows strong binding to both endotoxins and DNA.

Background information

Endotoxin or DNA can be removed by 98% at initial concentrations ranging from 2000 EU/mL to 10,000 EU/mL or 2000 to 10,000 ng of DNA per mL, respectively. Endotoxin removal is performed using the MACSiMAG™ Separator.
Note: Endotoxin Removal Beads are
suitable for use with MACS® Columns and MiniMACS™, MidiMACS™, VarioMACS™, SuperMACS™, autoMACS®, μMACS™, or thermoMACS™ Separators.
Product options: 2
3 mL
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5×3 mL
GBP 510.00

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