cEC Enrichment & Enumeration Kit, human

cEC Enrichment & Enumeration Kit, human

The cEC Enrichment and Enumeration Kit is designed for the enumeration of mature circulating endothelial cells (cECs) from peripheral blood, based on the expression of CD34 and CD146 as well as the lack of CD45.
To ensure reliable enumeration results, the cEC are enriched during the procedure to increase the sensitivity of the flow cytometric analysis.
The kit contains all reagents for:
  • red blood cell lysis,
  • cEC enrichment,
  • blocking of Fc receptor–mediated non-specific labeling of non-target cells,
  • enumeration of cECs,
  • exclusion of dead cells,
  • isotype controls.

Background information

The number of cECs in peripheral blood in healthy individuals is very low. To obtain reliable enumeration results for these rare cells, the sensitivity of flow cytometric analysis needs to be increased. This is achieved by the enrichment of cECs, thus reducing the number of total events that have to be analyzed.

Downstream applications

Over the past decade, several publications suggested that the number of cECs detected in human peripheral whole blood could be a significant marker for vascular damage in conjunction with various diseases, such as
  • diabetes1 ,
  • heart disease2 ,
  • systemic sclerosis3 ,
  • or cancer4 .
cECs are shed from the damaged vasculature and released into the blood circulation. In the course of disease, increased numbers of cECs can be monitored in the peripheral blood.


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