Pan T Cell Isolation Kit II, mouse

Pan T Cell Isolation Kit II, mouse

The Pan T Cell Isolation Kit II was developed for the isolation of untouched mouse T cells from single-cell suspensions from spleen or lymph nodes.

Background information

The kit is based on a cocktail of biotin-conjugated antibodies against CD11b, CD11c, CD19, CD45R (B220), CD49b (DX5), CD105, Anti-MHC-class II, and Ter-119. The isolation of T cells is achieved by depletion of magnetically labeled cells.

Downstream applications

Untouched T cells are used for functional studies in which cross-linking of surface molecules should be excluded. Isolated T cells can also be further magnetically separated into T cell subsets.
The Pan T Cell Isolation Kit has been used for adoptive transfer experiments
, T cell proliferation assays
, coculture with dendritic cells
, and cytokine analysis


LS or autoMACS
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