CD184 (CXCR4) MicroBead Kit, human

CD184 (CXCR4) MicroBead Kit, human

The CD184 (CXCR4) MicroBead Kit has been developed for the positive selection of definitive endodermal cells differentiated from pluripotent stem cell cultures.

Background information

CD184 is also known as CXCR4 or fusin, a 45 kDa seven transmembrane G-protein-linked chemokine receptor for SDF-1. CD184 is expressed on Sox17
definitive endoderm (DE) cells that can be derived from pluripotent stem cells (PSCs) in vitro. DE differentiation is induced by high doses of Activin A in combination with Wnt and FGF pathway activation. 3-5 days after induction, DE cells can be isolated based on CD184.


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