CytoBox Th1, mouse

CytoBox Th1, mouse

Starter kits for polarization of mouse T helper 1 cells, containing recombinant cytokines and blocking functional-grade antibodies.

Background information

The different T helper (Tʜ) cell subsets have a central function in initiation, programming, and regulation of the various protective and pathological antigen-specific immune responses. T helper 1 (Tʜ1) cells are effective against intracellular pathogens and tumor cells and are also involved in immunological disorders, such as autoimmune reactions.
In vitro
, Tʜ1 cells can be generated from naive CD4
T cells upon primary activation via T cell receptor in the presence of IL-12. Addition of IL-2 will enhance T cell proliferation. To inhibit polarization towards Tʜ2, the Anti-IL-4 pure – functional grade antibody is used.
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