The two complete workflows for the innovator in neuroscience

Supporting you in tackling the complexities of the brain, no matter the approach 

Our two dedicated workflows are here to support a new-wave of innovative researcher, allowing you to not only analyze cellular processes, but understand their connection in entire neural networks. Our latest technologies allow observation of cellular networks with our 3D imaging workflow, in addition to isolating and investigating single cells with our cellular analysis workflow. Let our easy-to-use protocols and seamless workflows advance your research and support your contributions to the advancement of neuroscience.

3D imaging workflow

Our 3D imaging workflow enables you to benefit from optimized clearing and labelling reagents in combination with our automated light sheet microscope, the UltraMicroscope Blaze™. Study neuronal connectivity and regeneration, neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, or brain injury and stroke.

Capture whole brain imaging

Cellular analysis workflow

Our cellular analysis workflow runs from sample preparation to cell separation and further downstream applications. Isolate adult neural cells in less than half a day at high purities and viabilities. Dedicated kits easily dissociate brain tissue, paving the way for cell isolation with our standard-setting magnetic MicroBeads. The resultant high yields enable further cultivation and analysis by flow cytometry or single-cell sequencing.

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