Isolation, characterization, 
and cultivation of oligodendrocytes

  • Isolation of pure pre-mature oligodendrocytes (O4 positive) or oligodendrocyte precursor cells (OPCs) from neonatal brain tissue in an hour
  • Isolation of pure and viable pre-mature oligodendrocytes (O4 positive) from adult brain tissue in half a day
  • Neonatal or adult oligodendrocytes cultivation in serum-free medium

Application data by workflow step

Dissociation of murine brain tissue

Debris and erythrocytes detected in cell suspensions before and after sample clearing

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Preparation of viable adult brain cells free of debris and red blood cells

Combined optimized enzymatic treatment using the Adult Brain Dissociation Kit with gentle mechanical dissociation using the gentleMACS™ Octo Dissociator with Heaters results in pure and viable single-cell suspensions. 

Purity and viability of cells obtained from murine (P4) whole brain tissue

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Standardized dissociation of neonatal neural tissues

Neural Tissue Dissociation Kits allow reliable tissue dissociation and result in a high yield of viable single cells.

Magnetic isolation and flow cytometry analysis of oligodendrocytes

Single-cell suspension from P2 mouse brain before and after separation using MACS MicroBead Technology
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Isolation of oligodendrocyte precursor cells

Obtain pure, viable, and functional oligodendrocyte precursor cells by positive selection with the CD140a (PDGFRα) MicroBead Kit, mouse.

Single-cell suspensions from neonatal and adult brain before and after separation using MACS MicroBead Technology
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Isolation of pre-mature oligodendrocytes from neonatal or adult brain

High recovery of pre-mature oligodendrocytes from neonatal and adult brain with Anti-O4 MicroBeads, human, mouse, rat.

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Scientific poster
Efficient isolation of viable primary neural cells from adult murine brain tissue based on a novel automated tissue dissociation protocol

Hui Zhang1, Sandy Reiß1, Stefan Tomiuk1, Silvia Rüberg1, Richard Fekete2, Melanie Jungblut1, and Andreas Bosio1

1Miltenyi Biotec B.V. & Co. KG, Bergisch Gladbach, Germany; 2Fluidigm Corporation, South San Francisco, CA, USA

Cultivation of oligodendrocytes

Cultivation of isolated oligodendrocytes
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Best culture conditions for oligodendrocytes

MACS® Neuro Medium supplemented with the serum-free MACS NeuroBrew®-21, PDGF-AA and FGF-2, are optimized to support growth and long-term survival of mouse oligodendrocytes. 

Immunostaining and microscopy analysis of pre-mature oligodendrocytes

Anti-O4 staining of adult mouse oligodendrocytes
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Anti-O4 staining of isolated oligodendrocytes

Specific immunocytochemistry and immunohistochemistry staining of oligodenrocytes from adult mouse brain.


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