CD45R (B220) MicroBeads, mouse

CD45R (B220) MicroBeads, mouse

Mouse CD45R (B220) MicroBeads were developed for the positive selection or depletion of mouse B cells from various lymphoid tissues like bone marrow, lymph nodes, and spleen or from non-lymphoid sources like lamina propria, peritoneal cavity, or lung.

Background information

The CD45R antigen is expressed on B lineage cells throughout their development from early pro-B cell stages on and is down-regulated upon terminal differentiation to plasma cells. CD45R is also expressed on plasmacytoid dendritic cells.

Downstream applications

B cells purified with CD45R MicroBeads have been used for studies on the mechanism and regulation of immunoglobulin gene rearrangement,
for analyses of signal transduction,
and for reconstitution of immunodeficient and parasite-infected mice.


For positive selection: MS, LS, XS, or autoMACS
Columns. For depletion: LD, D, or autoMACS Columns.
  • Selected references

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      Leishmania major
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