autoMACS® NEO Separator

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The autoMACS® NEO Separator is the new benchmark for automated cell separation. The fast and gentle isolation of any cell type makes it ideal for diverse downstream applications, such as flow cytometry, functional assays, or omics studies. Proven in thousands of peer-reviewed publications, autoMACS Technology is the most trusted automated magnetic cell separation method on the market.


Save hands-on time 

Simply place samples and reagents, choose your settings, and let the autoMACS NEO Separator automatically perform labeling and magnetic cell separation for you. 


With infinite marker options, positive or untouched isolation of target cells from any starting material is possible.


The autoMACS NEO Separator offers specialized programs to isolate target cells with the highest purity, recovery, and speed - all depending on your needs for downstream assays.


Immune cells will be isolated in a routine way with each run, ensuring efficient sample handling while reducing user variation and risk to operators.


Cell isolation with the autoMACS NEO Separator

At the forefront of cell separation technology, the autoMACS NEO Separator is the instrument to have in your lab. Cells can be automatically isolated from PBMCs, dissociated tissues, or directly from different blood sources or bone marrow in a positive or untouched way.


Features & specifications

NEO Separator

Intelligent software

On the intuitive touch screen you can easily create user accounts, make reservations, automate maintenance tasks, monitor the separation and instrument status, save experiment setups, export run reports, and much more. 

Robotic needle arm

Performs automated sample labeling, mixing, and column loading by standardized pipetting. After each step the robotic needle arm and entire system is thoroughly washed.

Reusable autoMACS columns

The column technology amplifies the magnetic force, delivering best results with minimal labeling of samples. Columns can be used for up to 14 days and are suited for all cell isolation strategies and starting materials due to advanced fluidics and optimized programs.

MACS Chill Racks

Maintain the integrity of your valuable samples by keeping your cells at 4 °C or room temperature. MACS Chill Racks hold up to 6 samples in 5 mL, 15 mL, or 50 mL tubes to be processed in a single run.

MACS Reagent Rack 8

MACS Reagents can be scanned to track lot numbers and expiration dates. Up to eight reagents can be placed on the Reagent Rack for autolabeling. Suitable separation programs for each reagents are automatically shown for the most convenient experiment definition.


Sensors constantly monitor the status of the autoMACS NEO instrument, buffer levels, and column status. This ensures optimal instrument performance and safety of samples and operators.





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autoMACS® NEO Separator

Benchtop instrument for fully automated cell separation.
Catalog no.: 130-120-327
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