Easy and fast isolation of intact mitochondria

When you need functional and intact mitochondria, you don’t have time to waste. It has never been easier to obtain highly pure and functional mitochondria from mouse and human-derived samples with our Mitochondria Extraction and Isolation kits. The average workflow takes less than two hours.

Solid tissue to intact mitochondria suspension

Mitochondria Extraction Kit workflow

When starting from solid tissue, the Mitochondria Extraction Kit – Tissue enables the automatic and standardized generation of tissue homogenates containing intact mitochondria.  

The kit works in combination with gentleMACS™ Dissociators and integrates gentle tissue homogenization and cell lysis in a single step. The resulting tissue homogenates provide the ideal basis for subsequent magnetic isolation of intact and functional mitochondria with the Mitochondria Isolation Kits. 


Mitochondria Extraction Kit – Tissue

Get ready for mitochondria isolation from tissue; automatic and gentle tissue homogenization and cell lysis in a single step.

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Magnetic isolation of highly pure functional mitochondria

Mitochondria Isolation Kit workflow

Accelerate your mitochondria isolation process with our easy to use Mitochondria Isolation Kits for human and mouse samples. Our kits use Anti-TOM22 MicroBeads to enable the isolation of pure and functional mitochondria with high yields in less than two hours. Mitochondria isolated with our kits, are suitable for downstream molecular and functional assays.

Purest mitochondria preparation

High-purity isolated mitochondria

Compared to differential centrifugation (DC) and ultracentrifugation (UC), mitochondria isolated with our Mitochondria Isolation Kits show much less contamination from other cell organelles.

Enrichment of functional mitochondria

Enrichment of functional mitochondria

Our workflow is gentle to cells and cellular organelles. Isolated mitochondria maintain their integrity and give reliable and reproducible data in functional assays.


Mitochondria Isolation Kit, mouse tissue

To increase the success of your mitochondria isolations, trust our kits to save you time and provide intact mitochondria. A Mitochondria Isolation Kit – human is also readily available.

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Free Application note – Synaptic mitochondria isolation

Novel use of our Mitochondria Isolation Kits to isolate, purify, and separate non-synaptic and synaptic mitochondria from brain.

Brochure – Magnetic mitochondria isolation

For even more information, read the brochure.

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Everything you need to complete your mitochondria isolation workflow

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