Killer immunoglobulin-like receptors (KIRs) analysis

Our solutions provide you the ability for KIR typing from genotype to phenotype. We offer comprehensive tools for the analysis of KIR expression as well as recombinant antibodies for a background-free analysis.

NK cell activity is controlled by several families of NK cell receptors, activating an inhibitory, as well as modulating coreceptors. In humans, CD94/NKG2A receptor and the variable killer immunoglobulin-like receptors (KIRs) recognizing HLA I molecules on target cells are common inhibitory receptors. Although the research is still ongoing, it is clear that the study of KIRs yields great hopes for the advancement of NK cell immunotherapy in the context not only of hematopoietic stem cell transplantation but also in the treatment of other solid tumors. 

A cell genotype doesn’t necessarily reflect its phenotype, KIRs are no exception. Get the KIR-specific antibodies you need for KIR phenotyping from Miltenyi Biotec. We’ve assembled the broadest portfolio of KIR-specific antibodies available. 

Flow cytometric assessment of KIR+ NK cell populations is an important technique in NK cell research. However, due to high sequence homology between KIRs, antibody crossreactivity can pose as a major obstacle for the unambiguous identification of KIR surface expression on NK cells. To shed light upon antibody cross-reactivity, we tested different KIR antibodies for their capacity to stain Jurkat cell lines transduced with various types of KIR.

Additionally, you can complement your NK cell phenotyping by flow cytometry with profiling of human KIR genes at the genomic DNA or mRNA level using the KIR Typing Kit. The KIR Typing Kit allows the detection of all known human KIR genes and alleles at the genomic DNA and mRNA level.

The KIR Typing Kit – genotyping and mRNA expression profiling
KIR genotyping
mRNA expression profiling of KIR genes

Table: KIR genes and variants whose presence and absence can be elucidated by the KIR Typing Kit. 

LaneGene nameLaneGene nameLane Gene name

Scientific poster
Flow cytometric multicolor NK cell phenotyping as a potential tool for donor selection and NK cell reconstitution analysis in different hematopoietic stem cell transplantation setups

Stefanie Pflitsch, Volker Huppert, Anne Richter, Christiane Siewert, and Christian Dose

Application note
Flow cytometry analysis of whole-blood NK cells expressing single killer cell immunoglobulin–like receptors

Download this app note to find out more about the analysis of the human KIR repertoire by flow cytometry, with an antibody panel allowing simultaneous assessment of the four major inhibitory KIRs (KIR2DL1, KIR2DL2/DL3/DS2, KIR3DL1) and an additional inhibitory NK cell receptor, namely NKG2A. 

Application note
Cross-reactivity of KIR antibodies

In this app note, learn about the cross-reactivity of KIR antibodies against Jurkat cell lines engineered to express high levels of single KIR constructs

Get acquainted with our protocols and antibody panels for your workflows in KIR research.


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