Adult brain workflow - 
Isolation and analysis of neural cells

  • Full workflow for isolation and analysis of neural cells from adult rodent brain (older than P7)
  • Generate highly purified neural cells from the adult brain in just half a day
  • Compatible with many downstream applications, such as single-cell sequencing or flow cytometric analysis

Adult brain workflow steps


Our adult brain workflow offers a fast, easy solution to isolate and analyze neural cells from adult rodent brain (>P7). Using the Adult Brain Dissociation Kit, mouse and rat with our gentleMACS™ Octo Dissociator with Heaters, gently dissociates brain tissue obtaining highly pure and viable neural cells.  Your neural cells of interest can then be isolated with our MicroBeads. These isolated cells are ready for downstream applications, including cell cultivation or analysis with optimized neural media and specific antibodies.


Tissue dissociation and sample clearing

Dissociation of adult brain tissue is fast and easy with our dissociation kits that are made especially for mice and rats older than P7. Together with the gentleMACS Octo Dissociator with Heaters, neural cells are processed gently and efficiently. The additional debris removal and erythrocyte lysis steps of the Adult Brain Dissociation Kit help to purify the neural cell population. For the delicate research of brain tumors or neural inflammation, we offer the Brain Tumor Dissociation Kit or the Multi Tissue Dissociation Kit 1, respectively.

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Highly purified cells after sample clearing

Dissociation of adult brain tissue with our Adult Brain Dissociation Kit yields a high amount of viable neural cells. Subsequent sample clearing with included Debris and Red Blood Cell Removal Solutions helps you to collect highly purified neural cells, that are ready to be used for downstream applications.

Cell separation

Isolate highly viable and pure glial cells with our wide range of Microbeads. A very gentle and pure isolation of neurons is possible with the Adult Neuron Isolation Kit, mouse.


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Isolation of adult astrocytes

Isolate astrocytes with the Anti-ACSA-2 MicroBeads and benefit from a purity of up to 96%. 

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Isolation of adult neurons

Isolation of adult neurons with the Neuron Isolation Kit, mouse is very gentle and yields viable and pure neurons. The kit depletes all non-neuronal cells so that "untouched neurons" remain. 

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Isolation of adult microglia

Get up to 98% pure microglia with our CD11b MicroBeads for the easy and fast isolation of microglia.

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Isolation of adult pre-oligodendrocytes

Isolate highly purified and viable pre-oligodendrocytes from the adult brain with our Anti-O4 MicroBeads.

Downstream applications

Cells processed with our adult brain workflow are compatible with many downstream applications:  

  • Stain your neural cells with a variety of pure antibodies for imaging or flow cytometric analysis.
  • Cultivate your neural cells using our MACS Neuro Medium together with the MACS Neurobrew-21 or the AstroMACS Medium for astrocytes.
  • Analyze isolated cells via single-cell sequencing.
  • With the Adult Neural Stem Cell Sorting and Analysis Kit, mouse you can cultivate and analyze neural stem cells from the subventricular zone.

Cultivation and staining of adult neural cells

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Cultivation of adult mouse neurons

Improve the performance of your neuron culture with our serum-free MACS Neuro Medium and MACS NeuroBrew-21.

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Primary astrocyte cultivation from adult mouse brain

The AstroMACS Separation Buffer and the AstroMACS Medium boost your astrocyte growth and enable a serum-free cultivation. 

Single-cell sequencing of adult neural cells

Using our adult brain workflow, your neural cells are gently isolated for downstream applications, including single-cell analysis.


Single-cell analysis of both cell populations showed the main glial subtypes in the unseparated neural cell population and several neuronal subpopulations in the isolated neurons fraction. Single-cell analysis of unseparated neural cells and isolated neurons:


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Single-cell analysis of unseparated neural cells

Single-cell sequencing of all cells isolated with our Adult Brain Dissociation Kit enables you to analyze each major cell type of the adult brain.

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Single-cell analysis of isolated neurons

With the Neuron Isolation Kit, you are able to isolate and analyze a specific subset of immature and mature neurons.

Cultivation and differentiation of adult neural stem cells 

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Cultivation and differentiation of adult neural stem cells

Isolate and cultivate neural stem cells from the adult mouse brain with our Adult Neural Stem Cell Sorting and Analysis Kit, mouse.


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