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August 4–5, 2020 
Meet us at the first virtual event of the International Society for Advancements of Cytometry (ISAC)

 Empowering discovery. Advancing therapy.  

At Miltenyi Biotec, we strive to supply all the instrumentation, reagents, and service to support the expanding needs of you as a researcher. Whether you are performing cell-based assays using flow cytometry and imaging technologies, or require reproducible flow cytometric data in clinical settings, we assist you to find the best combination of ready-to-use kits, antibodies, and instrumentation to ensure reproducible and standardized results. Connect with us at CYTO Virtual 2020 or fill out the contact form below to learn more about our automated flow cytometry and imaging solutions.


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Speakers & description

Reproducible flow cytometry data with lot-to-lot consistent recombinant antibodies

Kalpana Singh, Ph.D., Global Product Manager Flow Cytometry Reagents, Miltenyi Biotec

Despite its critical role for the production and release testing of cell products in modern cell therapies, flow cytometry remains a notoriously variable technique. 
However, reproducibility and consistency are of key concern when monitoring cell production processes and releases of products, such as CAR T cell therapies. Therefore, it is essential that in-process control and quality control (IPC/QC) using flow cytometry fulfill essential standardization criteria. 

During this pre-recorded tutorial, you will learn about: 

  • antibody-related reproducibility crisis and implications for antibody-based quality control in cell manufacturing
  • advances in recombinant antibody technology and opportunities for flow cytometry assays
  • introduction to REAfinity™ Recombinant Antibodies and exemplary data in cell manufacturing assays


Realize better NGS results through gentle cell sorting

Felix Eppler, Ph.D., Global Product Manager Cell Sorting, Miltenyi Biotec 

Quy Nguyen, Graduate Student Researcher, Ph.D. Candidate Department of Biological Chemistry University of California, Irvine – School of Medicine

Single-cell genomics and other next generation sequencing applications depend strongly on adequate upstream sample preparation. However, harsh conditions during those workflows can easily affect your results in a variety of ways. This is especially troublesome if you are interested in genes related to cellular stress, activation, or metabolism. How can you guarantee you’re using only non-stressed, viable target cells in high purities in your genomics experiments?

During this pre-recorded tutorial, you will learn about:

  • typical mistakes in sample preparation prior to NGS analysis
  • a better way to design your cell sorting steps
  • how other scientists have improved their results

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