Science jobs at Miltenyi Biotec

In our labs we invent cutting-edge solutions to make cancer history. Take a peek at our vacancies for scientists.

Research is the heart and soul of our biotechnology company

Miltenyi Biotec covers a broad spectrum of research fields. From immunology, cell and gene therapy to stem cell research to developing tools for diagnostics and cell analysis.

Your job in science starts with thinking outside the box

Miltenyi Biotec´s innovation in life science and its success in pushing translational research beyond known borders stem from visionary scientists thinking outside of the box. Our motivation and driver is to offer researchers and patients worldwide a complete, safe and reliable solutions.

Join our interdisciplinary teams to push borders

Innovation comes from thinking and working beyond strictly defined boundaries. That’s why we work in interdisciplinary teams and promote dialog between various departments. As a researcher you will be part of a great team that thrive on being proactive, independent and driven by science. With your passion you can help shape our mission to make cancer history.

Meet our scientists 

Watch this video to find out how our R&D Team work towards our mission to make cancer history. Meet one of our scientists and find out what inspires him and his team at Miltenyi Biotec.

Benefits of working as a scientist at Miltenyi Biotec

As a scientist at Miltenyi Biotec, you profit from the perks we provide. Next to doing research, developing products and publishing your work, you will benefit from our training options, corporate culture and other benefits. Explore the advantages of your new job below. 

Corporate culture

We are a growing, international, and owner-run company with a focus on creating innovation.  With our flat hierarchy, short communication lines, and campus-like atmosphere, we embrace open and transparent interaction between all employees.


Stay fit! Miltenyi Biotec not only offers various sports courses, but also weekly delivery of fresh fruit, a subsidized healthy lunch and bike rental at our campus – highly prized features of a modern workplace.

Training opportunities

Lifelong learning is important to us. Our Miltenyi University offers you a wide range of training and further education options. We also support you with chances for promotion and career development as well as with studies or advanced training.

Making an impact

Our hearts beat for science and medicine. We are relentless in our quest to develop advanced solutions for cell and gene therapies and to explore novel medical treatments to make a real impact on human lives. This spirit permeates in every corner of our company – at Miltenyi Biotec every employee contributes. 

Our fields of scientific research

Learn more about the fields of research Miltenyi Biotec contributes to and shapes. See how each adds value to our mission and have a closer look at the daily routines of our researchers. 

Revolutionizing Cell and Gene Therapy

With over 20 years of experience we are pioneering cellular immunotherapy, enabling and developing innovative and promising cellular immunotherapy approaches for cancer and degenerative diseases.

Covering the whole process from basic research, technologies and applications to therapies, we conduct analysis in the fields of neoantigens and tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes, while studying the tumor microenvironment and its escape mechanisms. This helps us understand underlying mechanisms and turn knowledge into therapies.

With a strong focus on CAR technology, we want to create an innovation pipeline of new CAR technologies, targets and therapies, improve the safety and efficacy of our CAR T cell pharmaceutical and bring its design and manufacturing to the next level. Thus, we constantly strive to develop new approaches for gene engineering and delivery, cell processing and more, and to embed our knowledge in our CliniMACS Prodigy® platform for fully-automated and scalable cell manufacturing procedures.

With an agile mind and scientific curiosity, you can support us in gaining more knowledge about cellular immunotherapies, improving existing therapy and rolling out new concepts for different kind of tumors. Add in your self-motivated and eager-to-learn personality and let your work really make a difference.

Open jobs in science

Join us in shaping the future of biomedical research with your scientific expertise.

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