Customized processes for automated high-throughput cell separation

Scale up cell labeling and separation with a fully customized and automated process on the MultiMACS™ X. Our expert Customized Applications Services team takes your existing cell separation process to the next level with a tailor-made procedure that automates and parallelizes cell separation steps. The outcome is a highly reproducible process that meets your specifications while helping to optimize throughput, costs and turnaround time.

What we can do for you

Our Customized Applications Services team translates an existing cell labeling and separation process into a scaled up, high-throughput procedure that can run automatically on the MultiMACS X. Each workflow step offers opportunities for customization for a fully integrated, walk-away experience.


How it works

1. Interview & consultation

  • We work with you to define process and requirements based on your existing protocol

2. Process specification & alignment

  • We translate the requirements into steps of an automated process
  • You review and approve the specifications of the process
  • We convert these specifications into the MultiMACS X process

3. Customized Application

  • We verify the workflow and develop the process
  • We provide onsite installation and training
  • Some aspects of the Customized Application can be fine-tuned after onsite testing

See automation the MultiMACS X way

MultiMACS X is an all-on-one platform for highly parallelized cell labeling and isolation that reproducibly prepares cells for the most demanding downstream applications. Watch the MultiMACS X in action and get ideas for how we can adapt steps to do automation your way.

Learn more about how a Customized Application can streamline your laboratory routines. Reach out to our experts today.

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