Accelerating drug development by early unwanted immunogenicity testing

Recorded webinar

Complex immune responses elicited upon treatment with biotherapeutic drugs are now revolutionizing the field of immuno-oncology. However, unwanted immune responses exerted by biologics can result in severe adverse effects. Immunogenicity testing at the early phase of drug development therefore can play a crucial role to avoid possible clinical consequences of anti-drug antibody (ADA) responses. Testing unwanted immune responses during drug development is becoming increasingly important for pharmaceutical industries and regulatory agencies like the FDA and EMEA.  

This webinar covers:  

  • Causes and consequences of unwanted immunogenicity
  • In vitro cellular assays to assess unwanted immunogenicity, including T cell activation/proliferation and MAPPS (MHC-associated peptide proteomics) assays
  • Strategies to manage and reduce unwanted immune responses
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MACS Academy: Immunogenicity testing – drug development

Watch the webinar to learn about immunogenicity testing at the early phase of drug development. Find out how it can play a crucial role in avoiding possible clinical consequences of unwanted immune responses.

Sofie Pattijn, Ph.D., CTO at ImmunXperts SA, a service provider for drug development processes

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