Miltenyi Biotec starts off with a win

Miltenyi Biotec received the Bioz Rising Stars Award 2021 for the cytokines category, recognizing Miltenyi as up-and-coming product supplier in this field. Rising Stars nominees are selected based on greatest increase in the number of citations in scientific articles relative to supplier age. 

What makes this award stand out is the automated selection process

Bioz is an AI data company that provides a search engine for life science research. It analyzes 30 million published scientific articles to identify those products that are preferred by over 16 million researchers. Based on these facts and figures, the program identifies and recognizes companies that manufacture and supply leading-edge products essential for life science research. Their Bioz Stars Awards Program stands out due to its automated, data-driven selection process. 

Miltenyi has proven to be a trusted supplier

In this regard, Miltenyi Biotec has proven to be a trusted supplier of high-quality cytokine products and its ever expanding portfolio is customized to researchers' needs. All of MACS® Premium-Grade Cytokines indicate the lot-specific biological activity defined by international standards. This specification enables the creation of reproducible cell culture conditions, thus helping scientists advance their research and enhance their innovative capacity, e.g., in drug discovery.

More on Bioz and Bioz Stars Awards here.

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