Isolation of proteins by epitope tag

The µMACS™ and MultiMACS™ Epitope-Tag Isolation Kits enable sensitive isolation of proteins tagged with GFP, HA, c-myc, GST, His, and DYKDDDD (FLAG®) in as little as 1.5 hours from even limited starting material. Our Epitope-Tag Isolation kits are compatible with a set of monoclonal antibodies for the detection of GFP-, HA-, c-myc-, His-, and DYKDDDDK-tagged fusion proteins in Western blot, ELISA, flow cytometry, or fluorescence microscopy applications. For other epitopes, the MACSflex™ MicroBead Kits offers the option to couple a wide variety of biomolecules, like antibodies, proteins, oligonucleotides, and peptides. For high-throughput applications, choose the semi-automated MultiMACS M96 Separator.

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