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The MACSQuantify Tyto Software 1.0 adds to the uniqueness of Miltenyi Biotec´s Cell Sorter with its user-friendly interface making setting up the sort workspace fast and easy. Flow cytometry cell sorting becomes as simple as operating a flow cytometer without any need for dedicated cell sorter-specific training and skills. If your lab already runs a MACSQuant Analyzer Flow cytometer, our Tyto Cell Sorter is a simple plug-and-play add-on. It seamlessly meets cell sorting needs: higher sorting rates with increased yield and purity.


Features of the new MACSQuantify Tyto Software

MACSQuantify Tyto Software 1.0 user interface. 

MACSQuantify Tyto Software user interface 

The user interface in MACSQuantify Tyto Software 1.0 is completely revamped with access to frequently used functions such as File Access, Gating tools, New analysis window, Real time sort statistics, logout and Shutdown directly from the toolbar. 

The new features added to the user interface to make the sorting experience breeze:  

  • The Real time sort statistics is a new feature included in the software 1.0 (described below).
  • The Flow control section consisting of pressure and transit time adjustments in the cartridge status box is moved to the main user interface which controls the parameters of the sample flow rates through the cartridge.
Real time sort statistics. 

Real time sort statistics

The real time sort statistics window shows the event rate over the course of the sort process, after a measurement is started. It also shows statistics for the sort rate, sort count, abort rate, and abort count over time and in total. Data and statistics shown are from the newest measurement and sort. There are three graphs and two tables displayed in the real time sort statistics section. 

Auto cartridge alignment tab. 

Auto cartridge alignment tab

The auto cartridge alignment tab on the smaller touchscreen displays the camera live view of the sorting mechanism in the cartridge. Moreover, it shows the alignment of the chip of the cartridge. If they are aligned correctly, the yellow overlay is centered on the fiducial mark (yellow box). This alignment process is fully automatic and continuous where the alignment is maintained throughout the sorting time.


Setting up a workspace for cell sorting

With the step-by-step short instructions setting up a workspace on MACSQuantify Tyto Software 1.0 is easy and convinient.

Short instructions: Setting up a sort workspace

In this short instructions you will learn how to set up a workspace on the MACSQuantify Tyto Software 1.0 in only 4 quick and easy steps. Just as simple and convenient as operating the MACSQuant Analyzer. 



MACSQuantify Tyto Software 1.0 release notes

MACSQuantify Tyto Software 1.0 user manual


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