Media for induced pluripotent and embryonic stem cell research

  • Xeno-free formulation
  • High-quality ingredients and unit-dosed cytokines
  • Stringent quality control

High-quality human induced pluripotent stem cell (iPS cell) and embryonic stem cell (ES cell) lines build the foundation for any successful and reproducible experiment. Choosing the right cell culture conditions is critical for each single workflow step and even more when following the full workflow – from maintaining to differentiating iPS and ES cells.

Therefore, we have developed the StemMACS™ cell culture media line: 
StemMACS Media are balanced and optimized for all the key steps in pluripotent stem cell (PSC) research and offer the convenience of seamless transition between each workflow step.

Discover our media for pluripotent stem cell research workflows

iPS and ES cell culture and maintenance workflow

Culture is key to maintain iPS and ES cells at their best. The well-orchestrated interplay of expanding and passaging, freezing and thawing is facilitated by our compatible StemMACS media and solutions: Every-day feeding is over with StemMACS iPS-Brew XF. The StemMACS Passaging Solution XF gently detaches colonies while maintaining cell-cell contacts. Functional assessment of pluripotency can be performed in just seven days with StemMACS Trilineage Differentiation Kit, human. And how to store your valuable iPS and ES cells? Use StemMACS Cryo-Brew for cryopreservation and look forward to high viability and recovery after thawing. 

StemMACS PSC-Brew XF, human

Convince yourself of the quality and performance of our media! Order a free sample and test it in your lab, with your cells.

iPS and ES cell differentiation workflow

How to limit variability and increase efficiency in PSC differentiation? StemMACS™ DiffBase XF, human is a cytokine-free base medium that offers you the flexibility to perform virtually any type of differentiation, if supplemented with respective patterning cytokines and small molecules.  
StemMACS™ CardioDiff Kit XF, human and StemMACS Cardiac Cultivation Medium XF, human have been designed to ease and standardize differentiation into cardiomyocytes and their cultivation. 

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Discover our application section and protocols for iPS and ES cell research

Are you looking for performance data or step-by-step protocols? Browse through our application section and find more information and detailed protocols.

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